Getting Help

Need help with Go? Try these resources.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Answers to common questions about Go.

The Go Playground

A place to write, run, and share Go code.

The Go Wiki

A wiki maintained by the Go community.

Go Nuts Mailing List

Search the golang-nuts archives and consult the FAQ and wiki before posting.

Go IRC Channel

Get live support at #go-nuts on, the official Go IRC channel.

The Go+ community

The Google+ community for Go enthusiasts.

The Go Programming Language at Google+

The Go project's Google+ page.

@golang at Twitter

The Go project's official Twitter account.

Tweeting about your problem with the #golang hashtag usually generates some helpful responses.

Go User Groups

Each month in places around the world, groups of Go programmers ("gophers") meet to talk about Go. Find a chapter near you.