Command wingo-cmd

wingo-cmd uses Wingo's IPC mechanism to send commands and output the response to stdout. wingo-cmd can also be used to view documentation on all available commands.


wingo-cmd [flags] [command]

Note that 'command' MUST be specified as a single argument. So that this is illegal:

wingo-cmd AddWorkspace "new-workspace-name"

Use this instead:

wingo-cmd 'AddWorkspace "new-workspace-name"'

The flags are:

-f file
	When set, commands will be read from the specified file. The file
	may contain multiple commands, where each is one its own line and
	enclosed with '(' and ')'.
	If "-" is used, commands will be read from stdin.
	List all commands and the names of each parameter for each command.
	The same as '--list', but includes the types of each parameter.
	The same as '--list-types', but includes a description of the command.
--usage command-name
	Get the usage information for the command named "command-name".
--poll milliseconds
	When milliseconds is greater than 0, the given commands will be
	executed at the specified interval.